South West Surrey Concert Band

Earlier in the year, Richard played with SWSCB at Eastbourne Bandstand. The concert was great, but the weather was freezing!

We managed to record part of the concert, which you can download as a video below. Unfortunately, the camcorder's battery ran out before we got to our favourite piece, Bach's Toccata. However, we eventually managed to record this at SWSCB's concert in June at Loseley Park. This time the weather was a complete contrast: the hottest day of the year so far.

Click on this link to download a video of the Eastbourne concert.
Loseley Park
Click on this link to download a video of the Toccata from the Loseley Park concert.
We also have some audio clips of the Toccata. This one is the full Toccata.
This clip is shorter and starts at the first fast section. The short Toccata might be used as a ringtone.
This one is shorter still, starting at the most dramatic section. The shorter Toccata might make an even better ringtone.